Batmobile ‘ Begin ‘ Game Over Modification Work Cycles

Fantasy movie cast of Batman is not only synonymous with super figure tajir behind her black robes of the versatile, but also a hero who was very famous in Gotham City as a hero figure driving a super sophisticated and certainly ‘ anti-mainstream ‘!


That’s the basic description of the Batmobile, the hero of the city vehicle while pursuing the enemy. From the classic series Batmobile, the latest in a series harga yamaha mio m3 bandung to series, The Dark Knight Rises, the model and the ever-changing batman’s motorcycle with mysterious accent.

But what would happen if the modifikator merangkainya own and realize the Batmobile super unique in the real world? That’s great work was presented by the perpetrator of the automotive industry called Game Over Cycles.

By basik Audi engine 3.7-liter V8, they make a motor tricycle be interface uniquely inspired combat vehicles of the series Batman and Batman Returns.

Also note that a custom workshop Game Over Cycles specializes in terms of modification and also the restoration of vintage cars. The making of batmobile was attracting enthusiastic users of social media, even before all the finishes are carried out.

Game Over Cycles himself was not too stingy information and diligent updating of specifications at a time profile of these works in their official Facebook Page. The following details are taken directly from the Facebook Game berakun Over the Cycles.

But consider all song rona advance the Batmobile-style matte black that. You may be reminded of a funny character with Toothless in the movie How to Train Your Dragon.


Why Would The Brake Discs With Wholes Are?

Disc brakes on cars and motorcycles, especially the bejenis sport, created with the form with wholes are. The form it had a special function. M Abidin, After Sales of GM Sport Motor PT & Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing, else explain the hollow shape of the problem.

According to him, the hole in the brake not only have one function, such as reducing the heat of the metal when braking.

“This hole Function to reduce the weight of the cross section and expand the release harga honda vario 125 esp bekas of heat moments braked. Disc diameter and width of pad (shoes) determines the magnitude of the braking power, “he said.

He added that forms the disk on each motor is already adapted to its function. Power pengeremannya had adjusted.

Disc brake on a motorcycle made of special materials. Not only, but a mixture of iron and one other upholstery which makes it have a good lasting power.

“Their material made from a mixture of steel and SUS (stainless). This combined so that the disc is strong and not corroded. That way, the brakes were not easy to ngelos, “he said.

Rossi MotoGP Future Juarai 2015, Vengeance 2006 ‘

One of the leadership of the Repsol Honda and Honda Racing Department (HRC), Livio Suppo believes that Yamaha Movistar MotoGP racers, Valentino Rossi will snatch the world title this season. When embodied, then it will be the 10th for The Doctor.

This time Rossi was in top racers with 263 points, winning only 14 points of his own tandemnya, Jorge Lorenzo. Though this fierce battle predicted new will end up in cb150r bekas the last series, held in Valencia, Spain, Suppo sure Rossi will come out as winners.

“I think Vale would champion this season. He had a good game, and this year is the year. If he wants to rain, then the rain really came down! “banter Suppo. “It is written in the sky that the world title this year will come,” he said to GPOne.

Suppo sure Rossi was very compelled by the failure in 2006, where she lost her retainer from the Repsol Honda at that time, Nicky Hayden right in the last series. “If Vale champion this season, then arguably it is a action reply own blood when he lost to Nicky in 2006, where it all went wrong for the Vale,” he said.

Former manager of Ducati team also professes to applaud at the Rossi struggles continue to practice physical, considering he was the oldest speedway rider in MotoGP this season. “Vale is entitled to the title this season, because he practiced very hard, change the style of racing, at the age of 36 years old! With all the success he’s had, it definitely is not easy to find motivation again, “close Suppo.

Lamborghini Aventador specs that auctioned off Ministry of finance

Through the Ministry of finance through Directorate General of State Wealth (DJKN) open auction Aventador Lamborghini LP700 one unit-4 2013 alerts. In the official DJKN described if this auction will close on October 8th, 2015 at 13:00.


The page describes if the Aventador is berkelir gold metallic. Unfortunately, this car is harga honda vario 110 resmi not fitted the letters such as VEHICLE REGISTRATION and REGISTRATION.

DJKN Parties estimate the selling price of this bull logo supercar costs Rp 8,26 billion. As for the auction participants must submit a deposit worth Rp 4 billion.

Then, what is so great about supecar that is seized by the Ministry of finance?

Through its official page described if the Aventador LP700-4 is a car that represents a new level of performance and be the new benchmark in the segment of super sports cars.

The manufacturer, based in Sant’Agata, Bologna, Italy this equip Aventador with a V12 engine berkubikasi 6498cc. the maximum Power capable where it reaches 700 kindergarten.

Armed with the beast machines, the Aventador LP700-4 is capable of climbing up to the speed of 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds. This supercar is also capable of digeber up to a maximum speed of 350 km/h.

Rare Lamborghini on fire, the owner can only bite the fingers

What happens if you have a Lamborghini, costing billions of dollars, and then destroyed dilalap fire fault of your own? Yes, this is felt by the original man of Essex, United Kingdom.

“I was driving on Queens Road when I saw smoke emerging from the back,” said the man who did harga yamaha soul gt 125 not want to be named, quoted from this Mirror, Thursday (1/10/2015). “I think it was the clutch so I ignore,” he added.

Unfortunately, what that prediction wrong. When the Middle drove around the area, Shenfield the super car thus issued fire and burn the back of the car. “And then I’m out, ask for the Fire Department,” he explained.

Not long ago, a team of firefighters arrived at the scene and the fire can be conquered. A result of this incident a number of cars were damaged, although there were still parts repaired.

“I am really gutted,” says this unfortunate man after witnessing supercar worth 200 thousand pounds sterling to the damaged dilalap the fire. Moreover, the word of the victim, the car was just there’s 30 units in the world.

“If the insurance companies don’t want to bear the loss, I will still improve this car,” he said.

The President Must Clarify The Car Service’s Minister

The President Must Clarify The Car Service’s Minister – Tjahjo Kumolo PDI Perjuangan politicians urged President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono clarified directly car new Procurement Department of the Ministry. Tjahjo spare attitude professing to be stoic Yudhoyono could not know anything about the question of the presence of such luxury cars.

Ignorance of the President reserved car procurement service as the presidential spokesman motorcomcom review expressed Julian Aldrin Pasha, according to Tjahjo senseless. “It is not possible the President did not know. Of course he followed and get a report of the decision of his administration, “said Tjahjo when talking with okezone at Capitol, Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday (6/1/2010).

Therefore, Tjahjo asked Yudhoyono mengklarfikasi directly administering the car service to the ranks of the second United Indonesia Cabinet. “What the spokesman can direct order from the President, or speaker delivered his statement without confirming first,” he said.

Similar statements by the legal Commission members, Tjahjo DPR Akbar Faizal is also spare the attitude of the President. For him, the head of Government must be prudent and wise in carrying out the task. Ignorance of Yudhoyono, connect politicians this could damage the image of Hanura President as the holder of the mandate of the people. “It could have been read as President with the indifference of the people’s sense of Justice that are torn,” pungkas him.

The procurement of luxury car branded Toyota Crown Saloon that had elicited protest from the public. A number of Parties stated that inappropriate luxury car given to State officials because of the condition of the people’s economy is still sinking. The latest, Vice Chairman of the regional representative Council (DPD) La Ode Ida returns the car to the Office of the Secretariat of State.

The machine M BMW X Series, make the Most Toned in its class

The machine M BMW X Series, make the Most Toned in its class
BMW X Series obviously have competitors in the segment Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) fancy. For example, from Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Mazda, or even Toyota.

But by using M-Series machine, obviously the BMW X 5 M or 6 M has its performance is far above the other competitors.

Currently BMW Indonesia already inserting three variants namely X 5 xDrive30i Sport which harga yamaha byson fi seken dibanderol Rp1,299 billion, then priced Rp1,350 Comfort xDrive30i billion, and the figure is labeled xDrive48i Rp1,750 billion.

And now, the variant of the X 5 increased by another one, which is clearly more fierce and more mature. This car takes only 4.7 seconds to accelerate to a speed of 100 km/h. This is thanks to the greatness of the V8 turbo engine that produces a maximum torque of 680 Nm at wide range of rounds engine from 1,500 to 5,650 rpm.

Then, the range was combined with the lateral thrust is smooth and consistent so that the car is still able to ride smooth and dynamic round the corner though. This car has a power and performance into the character cars BMW M-Series, produced by the new M TwinPower Turbo engine with Twin Scroll Twin Turbo Technology, as well as the exhaust manifold that runs on top of a row of cylinders.

M TwinPower Turbo engine average fuel requires only 14.3 litres to traverse 100 kilometers (or 1 liter gasoline is able to traverse a 6.99 km), with an average CO2 exhaust gas of 335 grams each kilometer.